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     Yantai ene New Material Co., Ltd. (ene energy company), is the first use of physical methods to produce high quality graphene companies. The company has a strong research team strength, technological strength and broad market advantage.

A: the strength of the research team
Ene to the company's R & D team, Dr. Li Shu is widely established as the core of a strong team. Dr. Li Shu Guang, Shandong Yantai, in 1982, graduated from Hunan University Department of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1985 DICP master's degree; 1994 PhD at the University of Twente in the Netherlands; 1996 postdoctoral GKSS Institute in Germany; 1997 He was selected as the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents" domestic academic leaders recall, he served as director of the center of the film DICP Academy of Sciences, doctoral tutor.
Deputy Director Wang Lianjun ene energy technology company, master DICP Dr. Dalian University of Technology, the organic membrane gas separation specialists, currently specializing in graphene composites.
Zhang Xin Wei, deputy director of sales-ene to the company, Dr. DICP. Responsible for technology promotion graphene product. Liu Jie, Master of Chemical Engineering, Jilin University, served as project engineer ene to the company.

2: Technical strength
    Ene energy company has the world's advanced production technology of graphene, molecular methods take physical swelling and mechanical exfoliation method Combination, this method does not involve any chemical reaction, effectively avoiding the molecular structure of the recombinant product resulting from impurities, there deputy product impurities and other issues, products less impurities. Do not take high temperature and pressure conditions of the production process will destroy the molecular chain structure of graphene, which produce no toxic emissions technology, low production costs, the production process is relatively simple. Recently, the Dalian Polytechnic University and Jilin University to the company ene output graphene testing, test results can be excellent ene produced graphene quality, stable performance, and its structure are up to 3 layers and layers or less. I am in terms of graphene biggest technical advantage is that the method can be achieved by physical production of graphene, number Month-ton unit can be calculated.

3: market advantage
  It is estimated that the monthly production of high-quality graphene number reached 3 tons, to achieve the basic needs of the US market order, which is the most powerful proof of the preliminary stage ene energy produced graphene quality.


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