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Yantai Sinagraphene.LTD Founded in December 2015, is a professional engaged in the development, production and sales of high-quality graphene and graphene application technology development of new and high technology enterprises. Celtig company, one of the shareholders of the company of the United States University of Tennessee as the main, in the domestic project team cooperation, developed a physical method of preparation of graphene international advanced technology. The preparation technology of the production of graphene, no pollution, no emissions, no high temperature, no high pressure; solvent recycling, low cost; process is relatively simple, easy to operate, can be mass production; product performance is constant, high quality. In March 2016, the production line was completed in the production line, and the physical method was used to produce high quality graphene.
Company's products cover enhanced, energy storage, conductive, thermal conductivity, anti-corrosion and other varieties, in the military, civilian applications is very wide. In the field of aerospace, marine engineering and graphene composite materials, electronic devices, energy storage batteries, sensors, semiconductors, biological medicine and other fields, has a broad application prospects.
New material industry has become the cornerstone of the development of high-tech industry in the future and guide. As an innovative company, since the founding, whether it is R & D, or industrialization of preparation of graphene and graphene can company has been adhering to the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, standing at the edge of the graphene research, based on the actual, has always been the quality of graphene and mass production as the pursuit of the goal, and make its own contribution to promote the healthy development of the industry chain of graphene.

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