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Graphene for the first time into the 2016 NPC focus

Graphene for the first time as a representative of the focus of attention
This year's two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang made the government work report to the general assembly, there are many reports in the new material industry directly or indirectly expressed.
"It took us years of research, extracted from corn cob in graphene, graphene and corn cob fiber composite to produce warm in the fiber, and the introduction of graphene 'in the warm' fiber products." Yi Lin Tang, chairman of the National People's Congress, Jinan Quan Group Co., Ltd. to China economic net reporter said that this kind of textile products with the addition of graphene materials, with low temperature far infrared, antibacterial and antistatic functions.
CPPCC National Committee members, Tsinghua University, Professor Li Jinghong Department of chemistry in March 6th in an interview with the media, said the straw in the extraction of graphene is an innovative move. On the one hand, using agricultural waste products processing waste, reduce the straw burning damage to the environment; on the other hand solves for textile graphene mass production problems. Li Jinghong for many years engaged in the study of chemistry and materials science. He won the two National Natural Science Award for the first 2015 years of the National Natural Science Award."
Graphene materials used for textiles, means that this new material King walked into the people's lives.
China economic net reporter inventory of the current two sessions on the motion of graphene proposal found that representatives of members are focused on the standard formulation of graphene, industry, rapid and healthy development, industrial applications, etc.. In the application of graphene, as early as 2015 two sessions, domestic engaged in graphene research, development and application of the earliest enterprises Beijing carbon Century Technology Co., Ltd. called for increased graphene launched energy-saving oil improver support and promotion efforts. The proposal put forward from carbon century independent research and development of China 's first graphene engine oil energy-saving improver -- "carbon Wei". Appears in the carbon century technical team, graphene engine oil energy-saving improver project successful implementation and further promotion, will be able to for the country save large amounts of oil resources, reduce the large number of automobile tail gas pollution, economize on energy, to ease pressure on oil imports, and to expand employment, boost the graphene industry chain benign development.
Experiments prove that using graphene engine oil energy-saving improver of cars, including gasoline and diesel vehicles, up to more than 17% of oil consumption is reduced, with an average savings of more than 7-8% of fuel consumption. Saving more than 5% of the fuel, which means that China's energy to save at least 5% of the refined oil, 5% of the crude oil imports to reduce. Graphene as a new material in the most concerned about the product, not only reflected in this year's two sessions on. New materials with graphene as the representative of the "13th Five-Year" has been included in the national strategic emerging industry development plan. Since last year, with the acceleration of the industrialization of graphene and policy support efforts to increase, China has formed a number of graphene industrial clusters, and continue to grow.
New material to "change the world of the future"
What is graphene? Graphene is also called a two-dimensional carbon material, is a kind of nano materials. It although only one atom of the thickness, but it than steel tough 200 times. At the same time, it has good flexibility, and good conductivity. Therefore, it is the thinnest material, but also the most resilient material, the tensile range can reach its dimension 20%. It is believed that graphene is the ideal material for fuel cells, aircraft wing, water purification technology, as well as more convenient and durable battery and many other areas.
On October 5, 2010, the Nobel Prize in physics awarded at the University of Manchester, UK scientists Andre? Heim and Constantine? Novoselov, in recognition of their outstanding contribution in the materials of graphene. Since then, graphene with its "magical" characteristics and a wide range of uses for the praise of all walks of life, known as the "change the world of the future" of the material.
Li Jinghong believes that the reason why the graphene is known as the material change in twenty-first Century, because it has a variety of unique properties. For example, graphene has high conductivity and mobility is 100 times the silicon; thermal conductivity is better than that of carbon nanotubes, is expected to become future nano ultra large scale integrated circuit cooling material; with than diamond is hard, is 100 times the steel mechanical strength, high light transmittance, high specific surface area, is expected to become the great potential of energy storage materials.
"The advent of graphene has also spawned a number of companies, these companies are trying to dig the material contained in the commercial value. At the same time, graphene has become subject of investment in the capital market sensitive sense of smell, a lot of money have been the influx of graphene concept company, triggered the first round of graphene investment boom." Experts believe that the new investment boom has begun to form graphene.
According to marketsandmarkets released "2020 global graphene market trend and forecast the latest report shows, to 2020 global graphene market is expected to will be $278 million, 2015-2020 period, the growth rate was 42.8%.
As a matter of fact, China has long been one of the most active research and application development of graphene.
Beijing will create an international graphene Innovation Center
At present, Beijing Zhongguancun Fengtai Park is to create the graphene innovation center, and relying on the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and international research team cooperation, the early start the construction of four international standard testing laboratory; relying on research cooperation with China to promote strategic cooperation, China Universities and research institutes of science and technology resources integration; relying on the guidance of professional standardization research and measurement mechanism, together with the construction of the China
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