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Three ministries issued a number of opinions on accelerating the development of graphene industry innovation

On November 30, in order to guide the graphene industry innovation and development, the Ministry of industry, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, the three ministries jointly issued "on accelerating the graphene industry innovation and development of a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").
It is reported that as the most development potential in the 21st century magic material, graphene in clean energy, sea water desalination, wearable technology, biomedicine, electronic information, such as areas will bring revolutionary change, within the next 10 years, is expected to form a billion industry scale, pulling trillion production industry chain.
Graphene in the end how much magic? "Fade" some very visual impact reports "jacket", what is the nature of these new technologies?
True, the market has been the concept of unknown fire
Recently, graphene battery breakthrough in the reports of "heavy" throws: Tesla will soon be a charge for 500 miles, it is possible to use the silicon / graphene anode instead of graphite anode current; HUAWEI Mate 8 conference, there is news that the product will be using graphene battery new. 5 minutes can be filled to 48% capacity, HUAWEI mobile phone calls for 10 hours; following the end of last year the Spanish broke graphene company Graphenano on polymerization of graphene materials battery first, charging 10 minutes to run 1000 kilometers after the news, there are reports that the company will build the graphene polymer battery manufacturing plant, full of postpartum battery the annual output will exceed 800 thousand dollars; another reported that Shandong jade new energy limited company developed graphene battery, charging for half an hour can run 400 kilometers.
For the Tesla take silicon / graphene instead of the current graphite anode can improve the energy density of the rumors, insiders told the "China Energy News" reporter, silicon material has the highest theoretical specific capacity, but silicon in the process of charge and discharge volume expansion significantly, will lead to the active substance powder off, and enable the rapid decay of the capacity. By using the high specific surface area, excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical toughness of graphene, the cycle performance of silicon anode can be effectively improved. But he also said that Tesla to achieve this high-performance graphene battery production, it may take several years.
Reporters learned further, HUAWEI Mate 8 conference did not disclose any matters related to the graphene battery, and before the release of graphene information micro-blog and no official certification. Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei's consumer business to the outside world, said: Huawei has been in graphene research technology, the technology is mature and leading degree, but graphene currently does not have commercial conditions, market no enterprise can be mass production and commercialization also need time.
The materials for the polymerization of graphene battery in Spain, the reporter interviewed a number of experts have said, have not seen the company's products, also did not check the basic parameters of the charge discharge curves, median voltage etc.. Some experts pointed out that if they use the battery pack is composed of super capacitors and lithium batteries, then the current commonly used design of electric vehicles, energy can not reach 1000 kilometers.
And new energy Co., Ltd. Shandong jade, deputy general manager of Hong Sen Gao is to reporters said they have with R & D charging 10 minutes 80% of full power, life of 300 to 400 kilometers battery capacity, but due to the charging pile is not too ideal, has not yet reached the ideal state. According to the "Jade Emperor said after the addition of graphene can be recharged at 20 DEG C" reported, Hong Sen Gao said that at present below 0 DEG C cannot finish charging, the battery can be in - 40 ~ 55 OC use and charging ambient temperature to 0 to 45 DEG C in.
Graphene Chinese enterprise is not a few, but the Secretary Chinese graphene union Li Yichun said that these companies are in the early stages of development, whether the formation of industry leader, but also need to observe. Nevertheless, does not prevent graphene in the heat of the capital market continued to rise, many listing Corporation involved in graphene stocks.
Widely used in the field of energy storage, to be optimistic
The reporter understands, graphene is known the thinnest, hardest nanomaterials, with excellent performance in optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical aspects of great potential. But at present, the graphene material mass production and application has not yet been fully implemented, the real application is still limited.
Graphene materials why so fire? Beijing General Research Institute for nonferrous metals, Dr. Liu Guanwei, Tianjin Normal University energy and materials engineering center executive director of Xi Fei Li in an interview with reporters agreed that Andre Geim in 2010 due to the discovery of graphene and won the Nobel Prize. Since then, the graphene attracts more and more attention. An unnamed insiders told reporters that due to the traditional energy consumption caused by environmental pollution incidents, to promote the development of clean energy technology. While China's graphite production, about 15 tons of graphite world reserves, about 10 tons of reserves in China, is optimistic about the prospects.
"Opinions" pointed out that the development of graphene industry, to promote the related downstream industry technical progress, enhance innovation capability, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, activate the potential consumer, has important practical significance. Our graphene materials and application system through independent research and development, production technology, application materials, smart wearable products on gradually. At present, the graphene material in China is in a critical period of industrialization from the laboratory.
Liu Guanwei pointed out that the research is not equal to industrialization. In his view, the current "graphene battery technology is close to does not exist, graphene can only improve the discharge rate in theory, but not for any help to enhance the capacity of basic. He pointed out that graphene materials
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