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Graphene super battery should be converted into productivity as soon as possible

Recently, Chinese scientists have made a great achievement in the research of application of graphene graphite, a flash charge battery in super long life of Shi Moxi the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Silicate Institute successfully developed. The high performance super capacitor materials for electrodes -- nitrogen doped mesoporous porous graphite alkene, electrochemical storage can excellent available for electric vehicles of the "super battery": charging only 7 seconds, can be life 35 km, with the characteristics of high power density, long cycle life, non-toxic, environmental protection, low price, safe and reliable. Relevant research results have been published in December 18, 2015 in the journal "science".
This for the new energy automotive industry, it is a major breakthrough in technology. For a long time, the battery storage capacity is small, poor battery life, charging time is too long, is a technical problem in the development of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles, but also affect the sales promotion of one of the major factors. The graphene super battery was born, will make these problems smoothly done or easily solved.
As is known to all, in recent years, for the need of environmental protection, reduction of car exhaust, cracked and the increasingly tense energy supply problems, many countries in the world in terms of new energy research invested a lot of manpower and resources, the development of new energy vehicles is a major focus, the world's major automobile brand manufacturers are trying to in the new energy vehicle market to seize the commanding heights. Chinese in this area is not far behind, from research to promotion and spare no effort in the last year, has surpassed the United States as the world's largest new energy automobile sales market. Today, success of the preparation of graphene super battery, for China's new energy automobile adds strong wings, if concerned as soon as possible, to create conditions, make the technological achievements accelerated into productivity, then China will in the new energy vehicles leading peers in the world a big step. This is a great opportunity now, Time will never come again.. Once the opportunity to seize this opportunity, as high iron, China will create a world famous brand in the new energy automotive manufacturing, but also for the Chinese wisdom made a big bright spot.
In the rapid development of science and technology trend of the times, the high-end technology invention is very important and significant technological achievements out and convert it into actual productivity, to seize the market opportunities, as soon as possible to produce the economic benefits of a strong, is also essential. China's annual technical invention many, and the real can be transformed into the proportion of productive forces, how many, it is worth the relevant departments to pay attention to and solve the problem.
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