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Graphene can set off the next revolution in the material it?

New material technology is an important driving force for the science and technology development of the industry, if you mention a new material revolution is undoubtedly the silicon crystals. It is considered to be one of the greatest inventions in the field of materials in the 20th century, it appeared the electronics industry into the era of microelectronics, the miniature integrated circuit technology has been widely used in computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronic products, and automotive, industrial control, aerospace, medical and other professional electronic equipment.
And following the crystal silicon, graphene is likely to lead the next new material revolution in twenty-first Century.
Graphene is only sought after in recent years, a few years ago, it was also considered a hypothetical structure. Until 2004, two scientists at the University of Manchester in the laboratory successfully prepared graphene, it was confirmed that it exists. In 2010, the two scientists therefore won the Nobel Prize in physics, graphene began to set off huge waves in the scientific community, have access to "king of the new material", "universal", "the 21st century magical material", "God of materials" and so on the title.
So, what sounds so good what is graphene?
According to the official explanation, graphene is a from the graphite material stripped out of the monolayer carbon atom surface material, is the two-dimensional structure of carbon, is a "super material, hardness more than diamonds and a rubber can stretch. Its conductivity and thermal conductivity over any copper wire, the weight is almost zero. Graphite crystal thin film thickness of only 0.335 nm, the 200 thousand film stack together, it is only a hair filament so thick. The discovery of graphene has a cross era significance in nanotechnology. Graphene has been widely used in the fields of new materials, solar cells, sensors, Nano Electronics, composite materials, field emission materials and energy storage.
In simple terms, it is a single sheet structure of the carbon atoms of the material, is known to the world's most thin, the most rigid nano materials, with excellent toughness, conductivity and thermal conductivity. In the electronics industry, it can be widely used in semiconductor, sensors, touch screen, battery, etc., and this is the most sought after applications are graphene battery.
Battery technology is one of the biggest bottlenecks of the current mobile devices, ordinary lithium batteries in the battery capacity, power density, charging speed, flexibility and other aspects are difficult to break through. And graphene as the world's thinnest, the hardest and most conductive nano material and its battery power density than conventional lithium batteries high 100 times, energy storage density than traditional super capacitor also 30 times higher, is expected to make smartphones, wearable devices and electric vehicles etc. a series of technology products in battery technology is a major breakthrough.
In the enterprise of science and technology of China, Huawei is more optimistic about the graphene battery manufacturer, Ren has repeatedly said in public, "the era of the greatest upset in will be the era of graphene subversion silicon era and the technological revolution will be in the next 10 years to 20 years outbreak". In order to advance card, Huawei has cooperation with the University of Manchester, joint research and development of application in graphene technology of consumer electronic products.
Not long ago, the company has demonstrated the use of graphene in Japan, the characteristics of the fast charging technology, 5 minutes to charge the battery charge to 48% 3000mAh. In addition, according to HUAWEI insiders revealed that the company will be possible in the second half of 2016 to launch smart phones equipped with graphene battery.
At the same time, other manufacturers have also followed, in particular, the capital market has shown great enthusiasm. Data show that the current domestic graphene enterprises have more than 100, of which A share market has at least 25 companies involved in the concept of graphene.
Some foreign manufacturers and researchers are also actively developing graphene battery technology. As early as in 2014, Spain Graphenano company (the first company in the world to industrial scale production of graphene) on collaborative research with the University of Cordoba, Spain the first graphene polymer battery, the battery technology known as just eight minutes to the electric car is full of electricity. Some time ago, researchers at the Gwangju Institute of science and technology has also developed a new type of graphene battery technology, this new type of battery can be the electric vehicle charging time is shortened to 16 seconds, and does not affect the energy density.
However, these technologies and data are still in the laboratory stage, graphene battery technology to be widely used, but also need to solve one of the biggest problems - mass production.
Although scientists at the University of Manchester have extracted graphene in 2004, they have been stripped directly from Shi Mozhong, the most original method that could not be applied to large-scale industrial production. The extraction method of graphene has a lot of, such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD), solvent stripping method, liquid phase oxidation reduction method, and so on, but these methods in terms of quality, cost and yield are more or less some defects, is not suitable for large-scale extraction of graphene.
Since there is no real production of the extraction technology, making the cost of graphene has been high, the price is 10 times gold. So some people questioned the current capital market in the pursuit of graphene is entirely in the hype, and even that the graphene battery technology is close to not exist.
However, any new material from the discovery of large-scale applications need time, with the accelerated process of industrialization, as well as the major manufacturers continue to follow up, graphene technology will also be changed from the concept of reality.
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